Secret LaSalle Monument
& Historical Marker

Dr. Woodard at the
La Salle Monument


The so-called Heavener, Oklahoma Rune Stone was crafted by Gemme Hiens, a German-English linguistic and artistic genius. He had been a companion of La Salle in 1684-1687. 

Gemme Hiens ("Jimmy Hiens") made the  NORMANDY FRENCH Runic Riddle and Symbolic Art, a twelve-foot-tall stone monument and historical marker, to memorialize La Salle and six others who were murdered during a horrendous bloodbath during March-May of 1687. 

Hiens used Normandy French Runes  because La Salle was known as "an old fashioned Norman," deriving of Norman Vikings who had settled in Rouen Normandy. 

Hiens also uses Runes and other artistic data to tell three separate death locations along nearby Poteau River. A total of seven 1687 Expedition Members were murdered at those three separate Poteau River Sites. Hiens also mapped directions to those three Poteau river death-burial places.  






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