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Petit Jean's Mountain

by: Dr. Lee Woodard

The price for the book is $12.00
And we Prepay Shipping and handling for all USA Addresses. 

You can arrange your Order and Shipment either by E Mailing me to make arrangements at 

or you can order by US Mail:

Send Personal, Cashiers Check, or Money Order for $12.00 USA for each copy of Petit Jean's Mountain (Includes Prepaid Shipping and Handling for Each Unit). 

Order at the Address Below ( or you can E Mail me for Reduced Pricing for wholesalers, retail outlets, Students, or Teachers). 

(or E-mail me for special pricing or for Canadian and French Discounts)

Send Orders and/or Payments to

La Salle Monument
P.O. Box 1605
Sallisaw, Oklahoma 74955


For more information, or to contact the Author, email:
To Arrange Shipment and Payment via E Mail contact Author at


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