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Dr. Lee Woodard is serving Our Lord, The Church On Broadway, and Van Buren.

Lees wife and partner in ministry is Louise. She is a singer, has led Christian Women's Fellowships, and has taught ladies Bible study groups.  They have three children and six grand children

Lees education includes Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, Master of Divinity and Dr. of Ministry.

More Importantly, he is a man with a grand plan and a vision of the lord doing great things in the "Church on Broadway"!

His four published books are three involving early French history in Oklahoma and Arkansas: Secret La Salle Monument, Petit Jeans Mountain, 7 Noms At Wicked Fork Where La Salle Died; and his important contribution to a better understanding of the Four Gospels Kodex W Old and Holy Click here to read all about these books

Dr.  Lee Woodard's education includes a Bachelor of Arts in Ministry, Master of Divinity, and Dr. of Ministry. In 1983 Dr. Lee Woodard had just completed his doctorate and had begun forensic paleographical study of a famous old Codex of the Four Gospels.

Secret La Salle Monument
 & Historical Marker

Petit Jean's Mountain
 The Origin of the Legend

7 Noms At Wicked Fork 
Where La Salle Died

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Lee Woodard earned his Doctor of Ministry at Phillips University Graduate Seminary, Enid, Oklahoma. A Native of Checotah and Muskogee, of Oklahoma, he currently serves First Christian Church and Sequoyah Memorial Hospice of Sallisaw, Oklahoma.

Prior to his Doctorate, he received Bachelor of Arts at Lincoln, Illinois, Christian College, completed two years Graduate Study at Vanderbilt University, and Master of Divinity at Phillips University. He has extensive background in New Testament Studies, as well as in Ancient Church and French Colonial American History.

He has devoted twenty-one years to solving  the mysteries of Codex W, have produced a paleographer, historian, and New Testament Bible Scholar of great skills.